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Exhibit Info:
Henri "Doc" Calitri
Show Director, x220

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(American Towman Magazine,
Tow Industry Week, ATTV)
Dennie Ortiz, x213

The Greatest Show of all TIME
Products and services for Towing, Transport, Recovery and Road Service will be on display and for sale at the manufacturer and distributor booths: wreckers, carriers, trailers, chassis, service trucks, as well as products and services that will surprise you! Elevated incident lights, specialty ramps, specialty call provider…
All the motor clubs and call providers are there! It’s a great opportunity to shore up relationships and begin new ones with national dispatchers. There are dispatch, impound, and bookkeeping systems just for towing operations. You’ll be able to compare them all on the show floor!
Looking to streamline lien processing? There are several companies on the floor who can help you.
Looking to finally get on board with GPS? AT Expo has several providers showing their systems on the show floor.
Looking to purchase a tow truck? There are several financing companies on the exhibit floor who can approve your credit for purchase on the spot.
Among the 800 exhibits you’ll see the world famous Towman Monument, the American Towman Chopper and the world’s biggest towing-theme mural: Lifelines, the Towing Industry on Canvas.
The Baltimore Convention Center is packed for the American Towman Exposition. This is "the Greatest Show of all TIME"
2016 AT Exposition Exhibitors
Welcome Exhibitors - Information available in left menu
For 27 years, the American Towman Exposition has showcased the best the towing industry has to offer, from the latest in towing vehicles in both carriers and wreckers to an array of products and services. And, now, the 28th annual trade show, with our three-day show format, will give exhibiting companies more quality time and the opportunity to meet more new customers and build stronger sales.
In a span covering parts of four decades since its inception in 1989, A.T. Expo has brought together the leading suppliers with Tow Bosses from all parts of the country as well as internationally. When show visitors trek to the Baltimore Convention Center at the Inner Harbor they come "face-to-face" with the most innovative products, services and programs that will help make their businesses grow. For suppliers, it is an unprecedented opportunity to increase market share in this important auto and truck roadside service industry.
Special Event Sponsors
AT Academy
Centennial Celebration
Captains of Industry

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American Towman
Miller Rocks!

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Miller Industries
Calitri's Cuba

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Luxury Vehicle Education

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Allstate Roadside Services
Expo Info Card

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Pinnacle Motor Club
Beacon Software
Mat Jack Jumbo Safelift
Integrated Vehicles & Equipment Leasing
Specialty Vehicle
Mobile Battery Solutions
American Towman Medal

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Ace Awards

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Nation Safe Drivers
Pinnacle Motor Club
Badge Inserts

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Donnie Awards

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B/A Products
Information Booth

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Road America
Show Bags

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Phoenix USA
Legendary Hospitality

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American Wrecker Pageant
Monster graphics on monster wreckers
Open Saturday & Sunday adjacent to Exhibit Hall
Attendees get an eyeful and earful looking at these amazing trucks and talking to their owners. From special chrome accessories to the likes of custom levers and graphics that range from pop to classical art, the AWP is truly a piece of Americana. Enter your own truck or simply enjoy the display and cast your votes for the Best of Show. The Pageant experience alone is worth the trip to Baltimore.
There are nine classes in the competition that consists of:
• Heavy-Duty Single Axle
• Heavy-Duty Tandem
• Rotator
• Carrier
• Service/Support Truck
• Light-Duty (pre-2015)
• Light-Duty (2015-2016)
• Medium-Duty
• Vintage (pre-1985)
First place winners of previous year can enter in same class they won in, however, not with the same winning truck.
Motor Club Conference - Scroll to view more

What is required, time frames, proper invoicing procedures and other pertinent information regarding expediting payment to your company. Clubs presenting:

Friday, November 18
Speaker Time
Nation Safe Drivers 9 am
USAC/MD 10 am
Road America 11 am
FleetNet America 5 pm

Saturday, November 19
Speaker Time
GEICO 9 am
Pinnacle Motor Club 10 am

Tow Management Conference - Scroll to view more

The Future of Roadside? Friday, Nov. 18, 11 am
How to make sure you’re ready for the changing roadside world brought on by apps, technology and increased regulation. Corey Brundage, HONK
Tow Women and Leadership Friday, Nov. 18, 5 pm
How women can play a vital leadership role in the company. Presenter TBA
The Art of Delegating Friday, Nov. 18, 6 pm
Perhaps the hardest thing for a tow boss to do, yet the most critical; how to successfully delegate responsibility to others. Presenter TBA
The Operating Manual Saturday, Nov. 19, 8 am
A Policies and Procedural Manual creates a better working environment and can decrease damages, driver turn-over, improve communication and attitudes and ultimately attract more customers. Don Archer, The Tow Academy
Getting Approved for Financing Saturday, Nov. 19, 11 am
Perhaps the hardest thing for a tow boss to do, yet the most critical; how to successfully delegate responsibility to others. Presenter TBA
Police Towing Conference - Scroll to view more

Protecting Your Business/Law Enforcement Networking Saturday, Nov. 19, 9-11 am
How to protect your business and comply with statutes and/or regulations, as well as the advantages of networking with law enforcement to create alliances and lay the groundwork for long-term relationships. Les Cravens, Auto Data Direct.
Survival Conference - Scroll to view more

Roadside Safety Friday, Nov. 18, 9 am
Topics will include positioning of the truck, working the non-traffic side, customer safety, correct aiming of work lights re- entering traffic flow safely, among other issues related to safety. Terry Abejuela, American Towman Magazine
“Expedite Mode” Response Friday, Nov. 18, 10 am
All about the risks tow operators take when their mind is in the "Expedite Mode,” and the liabilities owners face when their personnel operate tow trucks in a careless and dangerous manner. Randall Resch, American Towman Magazine.
Effective Use of Flares and Cones Saturday, Nov. 19, 8 am
Program requirements, sizes and types, safety, and proper use of patterns for flares and cones that allows the towman to work effectively. Terry Abejuela, American Towman Magazine.
The Importance of Tow Operator Safety Meetings Saturday, Nov. 18, 9 am
How having regular meetings on safety is imperative to the survival of your tow company. Randall Resch, American Towman Magazine.
Operations Conference - Scroll to view more

Lower Your Premium Rates like an Insurance Insider Friday, Nov. 18, 9 am
Tips designed to save tow operators money and put you in the driver’s seat to insurance savings. Haley Kirchen, TOPP Ins.
The Cash Call Challenge:
Marketing Your Way Towards Heavy Profits! Friday, Nov. 18, 10 am
Get "under the marketing hood" at some of the most successful towing operations in the U.S. and come away with a 7-part strategy for success in 2017! Mike Rappaport, OMG National.
Telematics Equals Money--for YOU! Friday, Nov. 18, 11 am
Most people think of telematics for fleet tracking as just dots on a map, but telematics is so much more. Thinking three-dimensionally about all the ways telematics can impact your business is real benefit of fleet management systems. Shane McFarland, GPS PRO & Frank Taddeo, Ahern/IT.
Effective Succession Planning Friday, Nov. 18, 5 pm
Seventy-one percent of entrepreneurs plan to retire in the next 10 years, but most are woefully unprepared. Join Jim Silverman from ATI as he shares how to create the life you want in your golden years.  Jim Silverman, Automotive Training Institute.
Improving Economics Through Tech Efficiency Saturday, Nov. 19, 8 am
An overview of the latest features and platforms for modern towing software applications for desktop, mobile phone and tablets.  We will be focused on features found in many of the leading software products on the market today that will greatly improve the efficiencies. Todd Althouse, Beacon Software.
Using GPS Tracking Software Data Sunday, Nov. 20, 9 am
This session will discuss the importance of properly setting up the software to reduce data. GPS Insight will investigate how to keep it simple and tackle one metric at a time as well as how to stay on top of the data over time. They’ll also present ideas as to how your peers handle the data they receive from GPS tracking. (Speaker TBA), GPS Insight.
“Winning The Online Battle for Cash Calls” Sunday, Nov. 20, 10 am
How to effectively drive cash calls to your business and increase your profitability with websites, customer reviews and pay-per-click advertising. Dennis Wencel,
Towing & Recovery Conference - Scroll to view more

Towing Equipment that Goes "Boom" Friday, Nov. 18, 9 am
Covering truck and equipment ratings, and the capabilities and limitations of both. Dave Lambert, NATA.
Respecting Extreme Resistance in Recovery Friday, Nov. 18, 10 am
A detailed examination of track vehicle resistance. Bruce Campbell, WreckMaster.
Spec’ing Your Truck Friday, Nov. 18, 11 am
A soup-to-nuts look at what to consider in getting the right unit for your needs utilizing the Jerr-Dan’s S.U.R.E.® formula (applicable for all brands of tow trucks). Shane Coleman, Jerr-Dan.
Recovery Theater Friday, Nov. 18, 5-7 pm
Legendary trainer dissects actual recoveries. Tom Luciano, Miller Industries.
“Scooby’s Mystery Theater” Saturday, Nov. 19, 10 am
An entertaining theatrical review of air cushion jobs worldwide. Howard “Scooby” Eagan, MatJack.
What is your vision for 2020? Sunday, Nov. 20, 9 am
Where is your company today? Where will it be in 2020? Are you making the right decisions for your future in this ever-changing market? John Borowski, AutoReturn.
The Physics of Towing & Recovery Sunday, Nov. 20, 9 am
A discussion of Newton’s Laws of motion, simple machines, and mechanical advantage and how to apply these theories to the job. Terry Abejuela, American Towman Magazine.
Load Forces Generated in Vertical Lifting Sunday, Nov. 20, 10 am
Calculating how the forces are being applied to your rigging. Kurt Wilson, WreckMaster.
Diversification Conference - Scroll to view more

New Money Through Diversification Friday, Nov. 18, 6 pm
From accident remediation to car-replacement, how you can increase the revenues of your business through diversifying into other areas that are a natural for towing companies. Bill Johnson, Hampshire Towing.
Private Property Towing & Technology Sunday, Nov. 20, 10 am
How to increase productivity and profitability using available technology in solving problems facing regarding private property towing. Rick Chambers, Online Parking Pass; Ethan Galloway, VP Product Management, Omadi, Inc.
National Driver Certification Program®
NDCP Testing

Saturday, November 19, 2016
9:00 am – 12:00 pm

TRAA National Driver Certification Program® – Level 1 Tow Operator & Level 2 Master Tower Testing
Must be pre-registered by Monday, November 1, 2016. Contact for details.
Recovery Billing Course - Includes Academy Passport
Led by Bob & Eric Fouquette of Recovery Billing Unlimited
Fee: $1850, includes two company personnel,
the Boss and billing clerk.

This is the famous 8-hour course that teaches you how to charge the value of recovery work and collect from insurance co’s.
8-hour course covers:
• Remediation of the accident scene
• Proper way of writing recovery invoices
• Billing liability insurance
• Billing for vehicles that only have property damage coverage
• Obtaining payment from insurance companies

Saturday, Nov. 19, 8 am-Noon • Sunday, Nov. 20, 8 am-Noon
Rotator Training - Thursday & Friday

Rotator training is open to all towers! WreckMaster instructors conduct this special 12-hour course with a classroom and outdoor component at Camden Yards across from the Convention Center. Fee is $595 when you advance register.
Sponsored By:
Bull & Pig Roast - Miller Rocks! - Friday, Nov. 18, 7:30 pm
Hard Rock Cafe

Miller Rocks on Friday Night at the Hard Rock Cafe, sponsored by Miller Industries, has been a tradition at AT Expo for 13 years. There’s nothing like it as towing professionals take over the Hard Rock Cafe. It's first-come first-served for the Bull & Pig Roast, but the party keeps on going! Whether you’re inside the Hard Rock or out in the Miller tent by the water, you'll chill out like never before!
Great food, live music, magic, and more!
Sponsored By:
Calitri's Cuba - Luckie's Tavern - Friday, Nov. 18, 9 pm
VIP Passport: Cigar aficionados will enjoy a VIP experience at Calitri’s Cuba; plus AT’s own signature, premium cigar along with a second premium cigar & gift, compliments of Savatech, as well as a Premium-Aged Cognac Drink from Auto Return. A $60 value, all for just $20 for advance-registrants. You may bring one nonsmoking guest at no charge to enjoy the cash bar.

You may also be part of Calitri's Cuba without fee and receive a handrolled cigar, compliments of Savatech. This option is also on the online registration form.

VIP passports are limited,
so advance-register today!
International Feast - Baltimore Conf. Ctr. - Sunday, Nov. 22, 4 pm

Here’s what Mr. Industry, John Borowski, said about the Int'l Feast: "I’ve never seen a feast as grand and diverse as this! I need to get a hold of whoever supplied the Bavarian sausages." Sunday’s International Feast features cuisine from many countries, including American favorites, Roast Suckling Pig and Beef Brisket. Plus German/Bavarian Sausages, Mexican Tamales, and more!
The Int’l Feast gives attendees the opportunity at show’s end to wind down with new and old friends, and celebrate being part of the world’s greatest service industry! Check off Int’l Feast if you are serious about being there for the Finale, and serious about eating!
AT Hospitality - Friday, Saturday, and Sunday Mornings

You'll experience American Towman's Hospitality throughout the weekend. For example, AT provides rolls & coffee Friday and Sunday mornings, and eggs to order on Saturday morning for those attending the seminars in the Academy Corridor outside the conference rooms at the Baltimore Convention Center. Sunday Pie will be offered to those attending the American Wrecker Pageant Winners Ceremony.
Attendees can dig into the Bull & Pig Roast, sponsored by Miller Industries, on Friday evening at the Hard Rock Cafe. Later in the evening, smoke a premium cigar compliments of Savatech while enjoying a premium drink courtesy of AutoReturn, at Luckies Tavern in the nearby Powerplant.

Academy Passport holders may enjoy breakfast by the seminar rooms on Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings, compliments of American Towman Magazine.
A.T. Welcome/Dinner Cruise - Thursday, Nov. 17, 6:30 pm
Spirit Cruise - $75 per person through advance-registration.

Celebration is a big part of AT Expo. It starts Thursday night with AT’s Welcome Cruise. Enjoy dinner and then roam on the Spirit of Baltimore as it cruises the Inner Harbor. A great way to kick off the American Towman Experience at AT Expo XXVIII.
So join your peers for dinner cruising the Inner Harbor Thursday evening. Get the lay of the land from the water; enjoy Baltimore’s beautiful city-scape.

ACEs Reception
A great time to network with peers and motor club representatives.

Tow Companies nominated by motor clubs and call providers for service reliability and service excellence qualify for the Towman ACEs award. Recipients receive certificates and ​a ​press release mailed to their local newspapers. ACEs who attend AT Expo receive the 2016 ACEs Buckle.
Captains of Industry - Dinner & Conf. - Thursday Nov. 17, 6:30 pm.
Dinner conference sponsored by American Towman Magazine at the Marriott Waterfront. Enjoy a Surf ‘n Turf Dinner, industry key speakers, and the Legendary Captains Long Table.

There will be two keynote addresses; one on the Spirit Ride created to promote awareness of the Move-Over laws, and one on City Fees and Tow Rate Integrity, presented by John Borowski, VP Tow Programs for AutoReturn.

The fee is $75 per person. Deadline for receiving your reservation is November 4th. Jacket and tie required.

Break bread with other leaders of our industry on the eve of the 28th annual American Towman Exposition.

Recovery Luncheon - Baltimore Conv. Ctr. - Friday, Nov. 18, Noon
Celebrating towing’s legendary trainer, Donnie Cruse, this unique conference Friday at noon dissects and critiques the winning recoveries of the Donnie Cruse Recovery Awards. All recovery specialists welcome.
Towman Skeet - Trans. leaves Balt. Conv. Ctr. - Friday, Nov. 18, 9 am

Join fellow Skeet Shooters for the Towman Skeet Friday, November 18. Transportation is provided and leaves from the Pratt Street Lobby entrance of the Baltimore Convention Center at 9 am to bring you to Prince George’s County Trap and Skeet Center in Glenn Dale, MD. Equipment and supplies are included in price. Lunch will be provided before being transported back to the convention center.

$75 per shooter
Sponsored By:
Allstate Roadside Services Luxury Vehicle Education
On the show floor: Free and Open to All

Allstate Roadside Services will be conducting education classes on the towing methods for various makes and models of luxury and premium vehicles.

Participants will have the opportunity to see how to safely secure and tow a variety of luxury and premium vehicles during exposition hours.

Friday, November 18
Paul's Technical Corner • 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm
(Open questions about the cars)
Saturday, November 19
Time Vehicles
11:30 am - 12:45 pm Paul’s Technical Corner
(Snatch Blocks/Catch Straps/Skates/Dollies/Eight Point Tie Down)
1:00 am - 2:15 pm Jaguar / Land Rover
2:30 pm - 3:45 pm BMW
4:00 pm - 5:15 pm General Motors
Sunday, November 20
Time Vehicles
10:30 am - 11:45 am Maserati
12:00 pm - 1:15 pm Mercedes Benz
Centennial Celebration/Festival Night Saturday, Nov. 19

Marriott Waterfront Hotel
First class all the way, this is the event for towers who take great pride in their towing operations and in this industry. Celebrate Towing's Centennial, experience the American Towman Medal Ceremony, and break bread with towers all across the nation; Marvel at Festival Night's aerialist and escape artist, be inspired by the Towman Ballads performed live.

The towing industry’s legendary Festival Night celebrates 100 years of towing with the ceremonial American Towman Medal Ceremony and March of the Heroes. Enjoy a Chef Select dinner with fellow towers, listen to the Towman Ballads performed live by the Mike Corbin Band and marvel at the Houdini act. Mike and the Band will debut the new Towman Ballad, "100 years," saluting Towing's Centennial, along with other Towman Ballads; Booms in the Sky, The Road Calls, I'll Return... All Festival Night guests receive the 100 year cap from American Towman commemorating Towing’s Centennial. It will take another 100 years to experience a night like this!
American Towman Hotels

All AT Expo Hotels are situated in close proximity to both the Inner Harbor and Baltimore Convention Center.

The American Towman Exposition Headquarters, Marriott Waterfront, guests receive 10% off all food/meal purchases at Hotel Restaurants. Home of the Centennial-Festival Night
Secure hotel rooms exclusively through AT Expo Registration. For information, pleace click on each hotel link on the left.

ALERT: Don't fall prey to bogus hotel booking services who call or email you offering cheaper hotel accommodations. Be aware that any such calls are fraudulent, and are not affiliated in any way with American Towman Exposition! They are not actually booking a reservation for you - rather just taking your money.
Marriott Waterfront - Expo HQ

$186 Sgl/Dbl

Contact 410-385-3000 for reservations - Headquarters Hotel

American Towman (Centennial-Festival Night) Headquarters Hotel. Luxurious rooms w/harborview, fitness center, restaurant/bar. Free shuttle to and from Balt Conv. Ctr. Free Internet.

Show your badge and receive 10% off food/meal purchases at hotel restaurants. Towman Bar or Coffee Shop Specials on Friday and Saturday Night with Badge.
Here at the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront, we invite you to discover waterfront relaxation in the heart of Baltimore. We boast spacious, tastefully designed hotel rooms and an extensive array of first-class amenities, as well as a terrific hotel location in downtown's bustling Harbor East district, just steps from top-quality shopping and dining. Our hotel rooms and suites offer flat-screen TVs, deluxe bedding, an ergonomic work space, and more, while many rooms feature striking waterfront views of Baltimore's Inner Harbor. Savor fine dining at Apropoe's, our hotel's signature restaurant, take a dip in our indoor pool, or stay productive at our business center.
Sonesta Harbor Court

$172 Sgl/Dbl, $192 T, $212 Q

Contact 410-234-0550 for reservations

The Royal Sonesta Harbor Court Baltimore offers an elegant hotel in a beautiful location on Baltimore's scenic Inner Harbor.
Overlooking the picturesque waterfront, our Inner Harbor hotel is within walking distance of the business district and many popular Baltimore attractions in "Charm City." This Four Diamond hotel displays a timeless elegance and refinement that guests expect of a world class hotel.
The views of the waterfront are clearly visible from a pair of dining outlets. Brightons restaurant offers daily breakfast and afternoon tea on Friday and Saturday, while Explorers features regional cuisine for lunch, dinner and late night cravings. if you are on the go, Formula Espresso is a great place for coffee, soft drinks, or light prepared foods such as salads, wraps and sandwiches.
Marriott Inner Harbor

$183 Sgl/Dbl

Contact 410-895-1812 for reservations

One block from Conv. Ctr., fitness center, restaurant. Complimentary Internet. Towmen Specials when you show your badge.
Baltimore Marriott Inner Harbor at Camden Yards is centrally located in the heart of Baltimore. Sports enthusiasts will enjoy our impressive Inner Harbor hotel's close proximity to Oriole Park at Camden Yards and the Ravens' M&T Bank Stadium. Located on the west side of the Inner Harbor, our hotel provides easy access to all major highways, as well as BWI Airport. With Annapolis, the Chesapeake Bay and Washington, DC nearby, our Inner Harbor, Baltimore hotel’s location is perfect for weekend getaways and family vacations. Our distinctive hotel offers 18,600 square feet of flexible, state-of-the-art meeting space, ideal for conferences and wedding receptions large or small. Additionally, the hotel features 23 event rooms, breakout rooms and a Grand Ballroom that seats up to 800 guests. Our spacious guest rooms, delicious on-site restaurants and state-of-the-art fitness center make us a leader among Baltimore Inner Harbor hotels in style and service.
Days Inn Inner Harbor

$123 Sgl/Dbl

Contact 410-576-1000 for reservations

Across from Convention Center, bar & grill, fitness center.
Each room in our non-smoking hotel features free Wi-Fi Internet access, a microwave and refrigerator, and handicapped-accessible rooms are available. In the morning, rise and shine with a free USA Today then make a splash in our seasonal outdoor pool. Our hotel is located next to a secure parking facility and nightly parking fees apply. Please ask our friendly staff for details. For your convenience, laundry and valet services are available, and kids 17 and under stay free with an adult.
Sheraton Inner Harbor

$175 Sgl/Dbl, $195 T, $215 Q

Contact 410-962-8300 for reservations

One block from Conv. Ctr. with a catwalk, indoor pool, fitness center.
Sheraton Inner Harbor Hotel surrounds you with the best of Baltimore. Connected to The Baltimore Convention Center and steps from the magnificent Inner Harbor and Oriole Park at Camden Yards, we are convenient to everything that makes our city so wonderful.
Holiday Inn Inner Harbor

$139 Sgl/Dbl

Contact 410-685-3500 for reservations

One block from Conv. Ctr., indoor pool, fitness center.
Located in the same spot it was crafted on nearly 50 years ago, the Holiday Inn Inner Harbor hotel is rooted in the city’s culture and offers a unique place to lodge within minutes of lively Inner Harbor. Perfectly situated near Baltimore Washington International Airport, Baltimore Convention Center, M&T Bank Stadium and several top Baltimore area hospitals such as John Hopkins and University of Maryland Medical Center, you’ll never be more than a short walk or drive to your next desired destination in the city.
Lord Baltimore Hotel

$140 Sgl/Dbl, T, Q

Contact 410-539-8400 for reservations

Three blocks from Conv. Ctr., bar & grill, fitness center.
Housed in a stunning Art Deco building located in the heart of downtown Baltimore and just three blocks from the famous Inner Harbor, the Radisson Plaza Lord Baltimore Hotel features complimentary services such as high-speed wireless Internet access, shuttle service to Johns Hopkins, a Fitness Center and a Business Center. Guests at our Baltimore, MD hotel also enjoy the convenience of on-site dining and easy access to several attractions, including the National Aquarium and Camden Yards. Stay at the Radisson Plaza Lord Baltimore hotel in the Business District, and you'll see what makes us one of the best Baltimore Inner Harbor hotels.
Renaissance Harborplace Hotel

$186 Sgl/Dbl

Contact 410-547-1200 for reservations

4-star rooms w/harborview, fitness center, restaurant/bar, connected to mall. Two blocks from Conv. Ctr. Free Internet. Show your badge and receive 10% off food/meal purchases at Hotel Restaurants. Towman Bar or Coffee Shop Specials on Friday and Saturday Night with Badge.
Renaissance Baltimore Harborplace Hotel sits poised overlooking downtown Baltimore's famous Inner Harbor. You'll find our hotel’s staff is knowledgeable and ready to help you discover the rich character of their hometown. Referred to as Charm City, Baltimore offers a diverse palette of exploration. Baltimore's character is a result of its rich history, once the second largest port of entry for immigrants to the U.S., it remains a city of neighborhoods. One of the most popular areas in downtown Baltimore is the city's main commercial district, home to Camden Yards, Baltimore Convention Center, National Aquarium, and host to the annual Baltimore Grand Prix races
Hyatt Regency

$172 Sgl/Dbl, $197 T, $222 Q

Contact 410-605-2929 for reservations

One block from Harbor and two blocks to Conv. Ctr., fitness center.
Treat yourself to an exceptional experience along the waterway when you stay at our AAA Four Diamond hotel on Baltimore's picturesque Inner Harbor. Host weddings, parties, or business events in our unique meeting space. Our urban contemporary hotel offers a luxury gateway to "Charm City". Impress your guests with an event in the remarkable Pisces lounge, a luxury venue that overlooks the Inner Harbor. Catch an Orioles’ game at Camden Yards, visit museums and historical sites, or explore the wonders of the Inner Harbor.
American Towman Magazine
From American Towman Magazine's Official Show Program issue mailed to 40,000 tow business owners and handed to all attendees at the Registration Desk, to the Expo Info Program, AT Expo has advertising opportunities designed to drive attendees to your booth.

Exhibitors advertising in American Towman's Program Issue also receive coverage of their products/services in the Exhibit Hightlights section of the issue.
American Towman TV
With American Towman TV, suppliers can benefit from the endless boundaries of the Internet with this industry-exclusive television program that provides coverage with a bi-weekly program throughout the year. In addition to its regular programming, American Towman TV covers the show with special show related information on what is being shown on the show floor, special events and other exciting goings-on at the event. Check for details on what advertising opportunities are available.
Tow Industry Week
Online information and industry coverage is afforded exhibitors on the Tow Industry Week website that provides online coverage of the industry as well as features of interest year-round. All pre-show information leading up to the exposition and postshow coverage is right there at a click of the mouse.
Show Program Issue & Expo Info Program
From American Towman Magazine's Official Show Program issue mailed to 40,000 tow business owners and handed to all attendees at the Registration Desk, to the Expo Info Program, AT Expo has advertising opportunities designed to drive attendees to your booth. Also placed in the hands of every show visitor at registration, the Expo Info program provides event and seminar schedules, floor plan, exhibitor list and a complete product reference section linking companies with the products on display. This useful resource helps make traveling the show aisles a more organized experience.

Exhibitors advertising in American Towman's Program Issue also receive coverage of their products/services in the Exhibit Hightlights section of the issue.
Registration Counters
Sponsorship opportunity allows for the distribution of a promotional flyer and traffic builder at the registration counter area.
Badge Holder Inserts
Place your business card-size insert into every attendee's badge holder. It is a guarantee to draw traffic to your booth.
Place your name around every neck of the show's attendees with the Show Lanyard. Featuring your color logo on the lanyard strap, this promotional item is handed out to every registrant.
Registration Towers
Six headers (8" x 30" ea.) and six advertising panels (38" x 40" ea.), printed with your advertising messages and seen by all registrants in the registration area, give your company premium exposure.
Information Booth
A source of assistance to show attendees, the Expo Info Booth is located right in the registration lobby for easy access.
Expo Show Bags
Your name and advertising message appear on the oversized Official Show Bag available to all show attendees at registration area and several locations.
Food Court/Diner
One of the fun places to visit when attendees take a break from the busy show floor is the retro diner in the center of the Food Court. The eatery, resplendent with a black and white checkered floor, and emanating an old time 50s ambience is a great place to promote your corporate and product image.
Advertising Opportunities
Window Graphics - Front Entrance to Baltimore Convention Center
• Left side of Center
• (4) Door Locations
• Right side of Center

Banner Locations - Front Entrance to Baltimore Convention Center
• Right and left side of Escalators – leading to Registration Lobby – 8' x 16'
• Top of Escalators – Leading to Registration 10'x40'
• Pratt Street Escalators–Street Level landing, top and bottom of escalators–8'x12'
• Registration Area, (3) Locations: Above Registration Counter, Right and Left of Registration Counters 10' x 40'
To Exhibit click Here